ABC Receives Devastating News After Cancelling Tim Allen’s Show

Last week, ABC Made the controversial decision to cansel Tim Alles`s conservative sitcom Last Last week, ABC made the contraversial sitcom Last Man Standing. The decision came in spite of the fact that the show was dominating the ratings.

Not surprisingly, fans are outraged with the network. Many suspect the show was cancelled simply  because it regularly criticized liberals ( not exactly a popular opinion in the left entertainment industry).

The desicion is particularly susppicious because the show was ABC`s second most watched comedy this season with 8.1 million regular views - ranking just behind Modern Family.

Looks like ABC is playing politics with your show despite decent rating, Gov.Scott Walker tweeted, mentioning Tim Allen.

The comment received hundreds of thousands of retweets. I`m furious, Vicki Mealus, another Twiter user wrote: My husband and I love the show and Tim Allen. We will boycott ABC>   “@ABCStudies @ofctimallen ABC is now Dead to Me and we ALL will boycott you!” Chris Lucas added. “Cancelled ‘Last Man Standing’ 4 NO REASON BUT POLITICAL.”


What do you think? Did ABC make a big mistake?