ALERT: Hillary INSULTS Voters With Plan to Oust Trump & Replace Him With Herself

Hillary just never seems to give up. The people have chosen, and no one wants her other than a minority of delusional leftists.

Hillary’s new “mission” consists of a brand spanking new resistance movement called Onward Together. According to Dennis Michael Lynch, the goal is “encouraging people to organize, get involved, and run for office.” What a JOKE! Her mission statement may as well be, “I LOST, AND YOU CAN TOO!”

Her goal seems to be getting together enough progressives to make some changes in the United States. There is one big problem with her goal, though: there are too many people on to her game.

We ALL know that the Left is full of it, and that they are a group of selfish crybabies who act as if they have a superior moral compass.

If being outraged was a job, these people could afford healthcare for everyone in the country. That was not even meant to be a joke, just a simple truth. If you have seen ONE college campus in the past five years, you know what we are talking about, it is in the news every day.

We saw the whiny rich kids protesting to get safe spaces because someone they disagree with is going to be within a mile of them. If they think we are angry with them, imagine how their parents must feel!

Clinton took to her Twitter to announce the project and give links to the new website. She said, “We’ve seen what’s possible when people come together to resist bullying, hate, falsehoods, and divisiveness, and stand up for a fairer, more inclusive America.”

Just so we have a firm understanding, this is the same group that resists bullying by bullying people who wear a hat they don’t like. We are talking about the same group that destroys hate by PHYSICALLY DESTROYING CITIES in their “peaceful protests.” Yes, we are talking about the SAME GROUP that destroys falsehoods by posting fake story after fake story in an attempt to discredit our president. Weird, right?

Hillary’s goal is to get all of these whiners in one “safe space” together where ideas can be exchanged, voices can be heard, and her vision of a “better” America can be witnessed. Hopefully, they add a ban button in the forums.

We hope you guys are sitting down, because here comes the kicker. As of right now, the website has THREE pages. A homepage, a mission page, and a (yep, you guessed it) DONATION page! It is impossible to even wrap your mind around this concept. She has a donation page designed to help promote other people getting involved politically and doing good things.

You know what gets people involved in what you want to do? It helps when you PAY for their expenses because they are grinding at their 9-5 jobs just to keep their heads above water. Call me old-fashioned, but if you want Bob the fry cook to support your cause, paying for his trip might be a fantastic idea.

Unless Hillary doesn’t actually care about ANY of her followers. Maybe, just maybe, she is trying to milk some more money from her cult-minded loyalists. Maybe.

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