James Comey is in serious danger after the FBI decided to turn on him. The people from the highest ranks in this vital institution are most probably going to reveal what their boss did. Fox News made really nice research with the FBI insiders.

It seems that James Comey is what we’ve all suspected – LIBERAL ELITIST. Yes, people, he worked together with Loretta Lynch and they decided to do EVERYTHING to protect Hillary Clinton, Obama and many others.

Actually, after Comey made his shocking announcement in July 2016, everybody was stunned, even the people who are in the highest echelons of the judicial system in the USA.

Loretta Lynch did a great job there. She practically sabotaged the constitution of the USA. After a while, we heard about her PRIVATE MEETINGS with Bill Clinton.

Judicial Watch started a heavy pressure on the institutions to continue the process of prosecuting Hillary and her accomplices, but Lynch and Comey ignored and got away again. These two are really crafty liberals, it’s simply unimaginable that they NEARLY succeeded in their plans.

Of course, Comey is a nasty traitor- do you know why? When Obama fabricated the “russian spies” thing, FBI ‘jumped in’ immediately. That REALLY disappointed many people in the bureau.

After all, they decided to talk. Look what those people said about Comey soon after they realized what is he up to:

“No trial level attorney agreed, no agent working the case agreed, with the decision not to prosecute- it was a TOP-DOWN decision”– said the source for FOX NEWS.

Comey is going to have a rough time. I already said- they took us for granted. These liberal elitists always think that we are BLIND and DEF. They show their DOUBLE STANDARDS at front of everyone. They see us from above- they find themselves superior, as you can see they often go way above the LAW.

THAT IS RACISM! THAT IS PURE LIBERAL RACISM AND IT HAS TO STOP! It is not blacks vs white, christians vs muslims- it is THEM against the entire world. They will most certainly lose the battle knowing that TRUMP is the new “messiah” of the free people of the USA and HOPE for the entire world.

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