BOMBSHELL: Newt Gingrich Drops NUCLEAR Announcement About Trump Scandal On Fox News

All felt certain he would NEVER enter the race or even think about running for President.

Libs have never taken Trump seriously, even after he won the first debate. They honestly didn’t take him serious till after he won the election, and even now still find every way in the books to disrespect our Commander-in-Chief.

According to envnewsdaily,

Just last week FBI Director James Comey testified before Congress that there was no evidence Trump was wiretapped by Barack Obama.

WHAT?!?! Is Comey serious?

This was proven to be a lie days later, when House Intelligence Chair Devin Nunes announced that he had seen evidence that Trump was indeed wiretapped by the Obama administration after he won the election.

Now, Newt Gingrich has gone on Lou Dobbs show to confirm that the Deep State does exist, and it will do ANYTHING to bring Trump down!

During his interview, Gingrich confirmed that the Deep State is made up of career bureaucrats, most of whom were appointed by Obama. One of them even donated money to Hillary Clinton’s campaign because she knew she would allow her to break the law if she won the election.

“They’re deliberately trying to sabotage the Trump administration, something which is going on today,” Gingrich said. “Remember, 97% of donations given by Justice Department employees went to Hillary Clinton. Ninety Seven percent. So who do you think their bias is in favor of? I think it’s just an objective reality that you have a Deep State, that that Deep State is permanent, long term, career bureaucrats, and they will do almost anything, including breaking the law, to try to undermine the Trump administration.”

Liberals need to stop their display of BS and let Trump do his job already!