BREAKING: New Hillary Scandal Dwarfs Watergate, Eyewitnesses Confirm Crime!

The Clinton family has been growing the swamp for years. At least Hillary Clinton is not our president.

We have another Clinton crime on our hands. Under Hillary Clinton’s orders, her State Department threatened the South Asian Prime Minister’s son with an IRS audit because he had been investigating one of Hillary’s friends for financial crimes. (via Daily Caller)

We all know how the Left loves to weaponize the IRS to achieve their goals. The Democrats love to take money, and they love to bully innocent Americans into compliance.

The Left has been taking advantage of the IRS and financial institutions for too long. We all know that Wall Street is full of liberals, and yet, the Left tries to blame conservatives for being the “rich.”

I don’t know about you, patriots, but I have never met a conservative banker before. They are all globalists pining to ruin our retirement accounts.

Hillary was a big fan of giving talks to Wall Street executives. In fact, it was these talks that contributed to her downfall. Unfortunately, she is still lurking around somewhere, probably not too far from the swamp.

We need to hold these globalists accountable. We need to call out the Obama administration and the Clinton family for their shameless tactics. They have ruined our country.

Thankfully, we have Donald Trump to clean up their mess. Trump will expose them as the frauds that they are. The establishment will try to stop him, because they benefit from globalism.

There needs to be accountability. We cannot let these globalists continue to dilute our great culture by importing thousands of refugees a day. With Trump, we can count on him to attack the Left.

The Left has been so unhinged lately. They cannot even keep their stories straight. Every day, we hear a new liberal lie. When will it end? They just hate the truth. The mainstream media will continue to cover for the Clinton family. Every time we get close to the truth, the media throws us a curve ball. We need to remain focused.

Should Hillary be locked up for her crimes? Let America know!

President Trump is too busy to go after Clinton. We should be grateful for this because Trump cares more about making America great again. The Clinton family will continue to fade into obscurity, where they belong.

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