BREAKING: Trump Just Gave Schumer, Pelosi & Waters a NASTY Surprise – THEY ARE FINISHED!

President Donald Trump seems to have finally dropped his act of tolerance and understanding towards the liberal loons that have been bashing him for a long time now, and instead of sitting quietly and taking every rude nonsense they threw at him, he has now entered an offensive mode, giving Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and Maxine Waters an unpleasant surprise which made them look like morons and we can without a doubt say, that it was a classic example of sweet revenge.

Now we all know that the latest scheme of the liberals only made them appear as the biggest hypocrites on the planet, because they were first begging for FBI Director James Comey to be fired, and once President Trump made the final decision, they immediately jumped to fake outrage, fake protests, accusations and insults towards Trump, trying to sell the American people some image of President Trump that would make him look like a dictator.

So, President Trump, unable to sit back and wanting to set the record straight on Comey, posted a two-minute video and tweeted out so every single American can see what kind of hypocritical idiots these Pelosi, Waters, and Schumer are.

For starters, Comey’s corruption was visible to everyone, especially during his 15-minute press conference where he laid out a solid indictment of Hillary Clinton, but refused to turn the case over to the DOJ where they could have convened a grand jury to make a decision of whether or not she should be indicted. Comey seemed to have forgotten back then that it was not up to him to make a decision, only to gather up the evidence and turn the case over to the Attorney General.

Sean Hannity, the famous Fox News host also pointed out that Comey appeared to be “uninterested” to investigate the crime we all know happened – referring to the unmasking and leaking which contributed to the downfall of the former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn.

On top of that, firing Comey would not stop any currently-active investigation, and no, not even Comey’s mythical case against Trump. And even if he was investigating, he sure wouldn’t have taken everything he discovered and packed it up along with him and leave.

Any person in the right mind can see through the games that the Democrats are trying to play, and the image they are trying to create for the people of President Trump, but that won’t be happening anymore. It is a fact that Comey screwed up more than once, and it was time to let him go. The Democrats can say whatever they like, but our support lies with President Trump on this one!



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