CIA Official Confirms Obama Committed TREASON – This Could Put Him In PRISON

Barack Obama got some bad news recently when a former CIA official broke rank to reveal the sick thing he has secretly been doing to destroy our country.

Conservative Post reported that former CIA employee Claire Lopez risked everything to confirm that America has switched sides in the war on terror under Obama’s leadership.
Lopez is currently the Vice President for Research and Analysis at the Center for Security Policy and a Senior Fellow at The Clarion Project, the London Center for Policy Research, and the Canadian Meighen Institute. She has also served on the Citizens Commission on Benghazi since 2013.

She said the global war on terror had originally been an effort to “stay free of Shariah,” or repressive Islamic law. However, Lopez explained that this all changed when Obama came to power, as he instead chose to side with such jihadist groups as the Muslim Brotherhood and its affiliates.
Lopez went so far as to say that the Muslim Brotherhood has thoroughly infiltrated the Obama administration and other branches of the federal government. As evidence of this, she cited the appointment of Mohamed Elibiary, a senior member of the Department of Homeland Security Advisory Council who has gone on record supporting brokering a U.S. partnership with the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group.
The former CIA employee claimed that Obama’s real goal as president was “to remove American power and influence, including military forces from Islamic lands.”
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