Eric Bolling Stands Up To Hillary’s Corrupt Media, Tears Them A New One For Their Latest Sick Trump Smear

Eric Bolling put to rest all the idiotic statement’s Hillary’s biased liberal media has been saying about Trump’s remarks during the debate about the election being rigged.

Said Bolling, “His kind of setting the groundwork that he is going to say it’s a rigged election. For a long time we’ve said, I’ve said, I don’t think this is a great strategy by him. I don’t love this. But he is going to go ahead and embrace it. I still don’t get it. But nonetheless, he did.”

He added, “And I think that — he was just being tongue in cheek. If I win, ha, ha, ha. Let’s talk about what that statement is. Is it that bit — everyone is making this huge deal out of this. But why is it that big? Why is it so important?”

Continued Eric, “Okay so he says, you know what, maybe I will say it was rigged after if I don’t win. It is common place. A lot of people, a lot of groups, people have said the election was rigged. I was supposed to win. 2004, a great example, Ohio 2006.”

He added, “It has been Democrats doing it as well. And don’t forget, this is a guy who stood on the stage and said — had people say, will you support the eventual nominee and it ended up being him. And all of them said, we will. Not all of them have.” Do you agree?


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