GAME CHANGER: Trey Gowdy Sends Trump a Message That’ll Have Him Cheering Like Crazy [VIDEO]

THIS IS HUGE! Trey Gowdy just made a BIG announcement and you will love it. Actually, Trump received a very important message and every American patriot’s Dream may soon come true. After Comey proved to be completely incompetent for having the job, GUESS WHO MAY SOON TAKE HIS PLACE?!

U.S. Rep. Trey Gowdy has now officially received a call from Donald Trump asking whether he was interested in becoming the next director of the FBI.

According to Fits News, Gowdy has said “Yes.” Here is what Fox News had to say about it.


According to sources, the fourth-term congressman said that he was interested in the position. Obviously, this is not a job offer but it is the first step to getting the nation’s FBI post.

Gowdy is definitely in the running, and according to a source, “He’s on the official short list.” Gowdy is very qualified for the post and there is no denying that the Greenville, S.C. native has the skills to fix the FBI.

This could be a real game changer. Trey Gowdy is an honorable man and if he takes this position he is going to have a chance to make his dreams come true. He is going to be finally able to reveal everything before the eyes of the public.

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