Hilarious: The “Global Warming” Meme Every Liberal Needs To See Today

Kimberly Morin writes if you’ve ever been in the unfortunate position of discussing the weather, err, climate change with a lefty, you know it’s painfully obvious they don’t use actual facts.

Man-made global warming alarmists have been around for decades spewing their garbage about the climate and getting paid big bucks by government hacks to do so. Yes, taxpayers are funding this tomfoolery.

The truth is that many actual scientists have proven the climate change scam to be just that, a scam. The climate has been changing since the day Mother Earth came into existence. Humans haven’t made that happen, it naturally occurs.

The climate change crowd is so dumbed down by Democrats and leftists that they use emotions over facts. Even when their beloved junk science is debunked and it is made public that these climate alarmists were INTENTIONALLY LYING, they still ignore those facts.

The chart below shows everything you need to know. From Powerline:

From Andy May at Watts Up With That, a chart that contains an enormous amount of information relevant to the climate debate. It shows global temperature as inferred from proxies (tree rings and the like), carbon dioxide and methane concentrations, and temperatures as predicted by the alarmists’ models for the Holocene epoch, the time since the end of the last Ice Age.

Unfortunately, this won’t stop the left from pushing their ridiculous claims or trying to put more outrageous regulations in place that hurt business, consumers and taxpayers. Their emotions have gotten the better of them which is cause massive brain damage to the part of their brain that is supposed to actually THINK.