James Woods Just INSULTED Anderson Cooper Like Never Before – Did He Go Too Far?

James Woods just has had enough! This man showed some real character against Anderson Cooper’s hypocrisy, but maybe this time he went too far. In the report below you will see that sometimes even conservatives ‘go wild’, but we have to use the LIBERALS’ RHETORIC to show them how wrong they are.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper has made many crazy allegations about President Donald Trump and his supposed treatment of women, despite the fact that Trump has had a stellar track record of hiring and promoting women in his many businesses.

However, when Anderson Cooper recently had Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway on his show as a guest, Cooper showed her extreme disrespect by actually rolling his eyes when something she said about Donald Trump displeased him. Conservative actor James Woods watched the exchange with the infamous eye roll, and just made an outrageous joke about it that has caused a great deal of controversy.

On his Twitter account, Woods posted a clip of Cooper’s notable eye roll, and wrote, “As his butt plug dislodges during a newscast… #andersoncoopereyeroll” Many liberals have expressed their anger at Woods for this apparently “homophobic” joke, but Woods doubled down on his jab by retweeting his own tweet.

Woods pointed out how liberals gave comedy host Stephen Colbert a complete pass after he made a homophobic joke about Trump when he said on live TV that Trump is “Vladimir Putin’s c*ck holster.” Woods said on Twitter at the time, “#FireColbert Twitter campaign gains steam after Stephen Colbert’s #homophobic filth rant.”


How will you comment Woods’ tweet? Do you like what he said? Well, I will say only this- the liberals started using vulgarity and insults on their regular basis and their rhetoric is totally radical and politically incorrect. Sometimes, they have to try their own medicine.