It seems like protesters who hate the President are now going to try and fly plastic pigs across Trump’s building in Chicago, Illinois to cover his name for a few hours. They will be anchored near Chicago Bay and are gold colored. You heard that right.

It is the New World Design Ltd. company that designed the pigs, and they are coming via barge before they let out into the air. The architect said that some minor details have to be confirmed and decided before the pigs float up, but that the project will come to fruition shortly. They are working with the city to get individual permits because as the architect says they don’t want to clog up traffic in the town on a busy summer day.

Via the Chicago Tribune:

“In a planned one-day protest, four golden pig balloons will take anchor in the Chicago River, lined up to cover President Donald Trump’s last name on his building’s southeast facade.

The giant swine come by way of Chicago-based design company New World Design Ltd., and will arrive by barge. New World is still negotiating how and when the pigs will arrive, but architect and firm principal Jeffrey Roberts says he is confident the project will come to fruition. With the city’s approval, which is still pending, the massive pigs will pop up for a day in late August or early September.

Pink Floyd’s former frontman, Roger Waters, caught wind of New World Design’s project via Waters’ director and creative director, Sean Evans. Evans directed a documentary on Waters and has been involved in creating replica pig balloons in past recreations of the iconic ’70s rock album’s cover.

The firm has been granted clearance to use the copyright of the pig balloon design by Evans. Roberts said that Evans provided New World with a digital model to follow after Evans got an approval from Waters’ team.

The original pig, Algie, was designed by Waters with an inspiration from George Orwell’s “Animal Farm.””

They are currently fundraising for it and are seeking $250,000. The balloons themselves and their set up will cost an estimated $100,000, but these numbers are finalized yet. The remaining money will likely be sucked up by security costs. The remaining money is said to be donated to liberal organizations such as Planned Parenthood and the NAACP.

There will be four balloons, and they are reportedly the size of a London bus. The creative director is a man named Sean Evans. The inspiration behind the balloons was reportedly George Orwell’s book Animal Farm. The creators and designers indicated there are similarities between the book and the message they are trying to send.

The message being the ridiculous nature of politics. The designers have indicated the protest is not a protest but is simply a statement reflective of a current trend in American politics. Which in itself sounds like a statement. Considering all the acrimony surrounding politics and the President, to sit there and call this display not a protest is an absolute and complete act of lunacy.

Of course, this is a protest! It is a childish and stupid one at that that won’t even effect any real kind of change other than temporarily making media headlines. Because after all the mainstream liberal media loves this kind of stuff. This is what liberals have stooped to. They are wasting an incredible amount of money.

If they cared about making a difference, they would donate the money to charities and people in need instead of wasting it on an empty and nominal show of protest. Not to mention police officers and law enforcement officials will have to put in overtime and be on high alert when there are massive groups of people congregating to see the balloons.

Perhaps these morons didn’t even think about the danger this could cause when the protests get out of hand as they always do. – Because liberals can’t seem to ever do a protest without it going completely out of control. Then again they never put much forethought into anything now do they?