JUST IN: This Report Made Hillary And Comey FURIOUS! They Are OFFICIALY Done!

While the whole situation with James Comey slowly settles down, new upsetting links between Hillary Clinton and James Comey have been revealed.

Most notably, now former FBI Director Comey’s brother is an attorney for the company that handles the taxes of the Clinton Foundation – and that is just one of the many possible links.

James Comey worked as an attorney for Lockheed Martin till 2010. While he worked there, he had has collected more than $6 million. Now, with Comey gone, the company decided to become part of the Clinton Foundation.

When Lockheed Martin began working with the Clinton Global Initiative, they were given 17 significant contracts from then-secretary of state Hillary Clinton.

When he left Lockheed Martin as an affluent man, Comey was engaged in the board of the British financial institution HSBC Holdings, an associate bank of the Clinton Foundation.

James and Peter Comey seem to have worked coordinately so their pay-for-play actions would not exposed. James Comey holds his brother’s mortgage in Virginia. Their actions are completely brazen and shameless. They hadn’t even attempted to hide them.

James Comey’s brother is the “Senior Director of Real Estate Operations for the Americas” for DLA Piper, a law firm from Washington that was investigating the Clinton Foundation back in 2015.

The Washington-based law firm is one of the biggest sponsors of Hillary’s election campaigns. However, regardless of this link, DLA Piper still handles the taxes of the Clinton Foundation and this is a typical example of conflict of interests.

Basically, James Comey had a direct financial link to Hillary Clinton through his brother’s law firm. This pro-Hillary organization rewarded the Comey brothers with payments while then-FBI Director Comey was seemingly handling the probe into Hilary’s illegal use of a private email server for work.

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