POLL: Trump Wants PRAYER Back In Schools. Do You Support?

Finally, we have a president in office who cares about the constitution. President Trump is committed to protecting our constitutional rights, including freedom of religion.

President Trump has appointed Betsy DeVos as the Secretary of Education. DeVos is a devoted Christian, and she and her family have vowed to bring the church back as the central element of our community. (via Freedom Final Stand)

Christians are continuously persecuted in the public education system. Our schools have been taken over by Christian-hating liberals who have worked tirelessly to remove any demonstration of faith from our schools.

Degenerate liberals believe that everything wrong with the world is the result of white colonial history. As a result, they have grown to hate all Western values.

The constitution is at best an afterthought for contemporary liberals. They have no principles and will only evoke our founding document when it happens to suit their emotional needs.

Whenever the constitution is clearly against the desires of the progressives, they dismiss it as a racist document, completely ignoring the significance of the greatest document ever penned by man.

Liberals love to tote Jefferson’s declaration of the separation between church and state, yet they only ever consider the first half of the First Amendment.

Liberals laud the establishment clause that the government cannot pass a law establishing any religion, yet they always forget the free exercise clause blocking any law prohibiting free exercise of religion – such as prayer.

As a result, we have seen the complete destruction of the right to free exercise in our public school systems – but only for Christians. Followers of the faith that founded this nation are blocked from exercising their faith, while the religions of those considered “oppressed,” such as Muslims, are taught openly in schools.

Christians have had their rights denied at every turn in our schools. Students have been blocked from forming prayer groups outside of class time and art depicting Christian devotion has been taken off of the walls. Yet, the Seven Pillars of Islam are openly taught as a part of world history.

Regardless of your religion or lack thereof, you deserve the right to practice your faith as you see fit so long as no one is harmed in the process.

We support President Trump and Betsy DeVos in their fight to protect the First Amendment.

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