Trump Just Caught Network Doing Something ILLEGAL To Rig The Second Debate For Hillary [Details]

The biased liberal media wants you to not look at what online polls have to say. After all, the polls cut out the network middlemen, and are completely in the public’s hands.

It’s no surprise, then, that respondents in the online polls overwhelmingly said that Donald Trump won the debate. The networks are determined to smear Trump, however, and rush to discount the polls as “unscientific.”

The networks’ fraudulent way of making it seem like they’re listening to regular people is to hold “focus groups.” In these closed-door sessions, regular people sit in a room and watch an event like the debate.

Then they supposedly give their unbiased opinion of what they just saw. Trump’s campaign, however, just caught CNN instructing people in the focus groups what to say, which is of course illegal. Are you surprised? Watch the video to see it for yourself:

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