Woman Born In Nazi Germany Asked If Trump’s Like Hitler – Her Answer DESTROYED Liberals

The mainstream media reporters wanted to make a hard push and influence all in order to make the people turn their backs on Trump. But, their conspirative and fake news are not strong enough to spread their influence.

The USA is in a constant struggle with the mainstream media reporters who compete who is going to make a worse post against Donald Trump.

In the UK, interviewer found a woman who was a part of the worst dictatorship in the past century in Europe. This old woman, Marion Ingebore Andrews, was grown up in nazi Germany and she immigrated in the USA right after the war.

She was a war refugee and she completely opposed the titanic regime of tyrants and pscychopaths. However, the tricky reporter taught that he could make fun of Donald Trump and compare him to Adolf Hitler. Andrews response was awesome:

,, No, Trump is not like Hitler at all. There is nothing bad in protecting your country and caring for your people. Hitler was a monster.”– Andrews continued-,, I went to night school to learn English. I would practice English whitout a German accent. I didn’t want to be Geran. I wanted to be American.” Her story was touching-,, I had an aunt who was in the Olympics. My aunt got all this extra stuff from Hitler and was surrounded by this propaganda”- Andrew said-,, I couldn’t have anything to do with her. Even after the war, she was calling the Jewish people, of whom I was friends with- Dirty Jews.”

Andrews continued her interview with her tragic story and she explained that Donald Trump is someting completely different from Hitler and you just can not compare these two.

Andrews also mentioned that she supports Trump’s policy and she strongly believes that he is going to bring prosperity and real freedom to all American.